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Rohde Schwarz FSUP26 Signal Source Analyzer

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Sale Rohde & Schwarz FSUP26 Signal Source Analyzer, 20 Hz to 26.5 GHz 

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month


The R&S FSUP26 Signal Source Analyzer combines the functionality of a high performance spectrum and signal analyzer with the advantages of a phase noise test system, all in a single box. The R&S FSUP26 is a unique and simple-to-use one-box solution for measuring oscillators and synthesizers in development and production applications. In addition, the Rohde & Schwarz FSUP26 leads to enormous cost reductions.

The R&S FSUP26 analyzer is perfect for not only modern communications and broadcast systems, but also radar applications. Use the FSUP26 to measure phase noise and when characterizing oscillators, measure tuning slope, transient response, power, harmonics and spurious emissions, as well as amplifier noise. The integrated DC sources enable a wide range of additional measurements.

Features and specifications of the Rohde & Schwarz FSUP26 include:

Frequency range up to 26.5 GHz (up to 110 GHz with external mixers)

Low Noise DC outputs for supply and tuning voltages

Maximum flexibility for phase noise measurements

Oscillator characterization

Analysis of digital and analog modulated signals

Capabilities of the FSUP26 include :

 Phase detector method with internal/external reference

Two-DUT method

High sensitivity

Automatic setting of all important parameters

Easy operation

Detection, suppression and listing of interference

Measurement of reference points as a function of frequency

Measurement of residual phase noise

AM noise

Abbreviated specifications of the FSUP26:

Operating Modes :

Signal Source Analyzer: 1 MHz - 26.5 GHz

Spectrum Analyzer: 20 Hz - 26.5 GHz

Signal Source Analyzer

Phase Noise Measurement:

w/ Spectrum Analyzer: 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz

w/ Phase Comparator: 1 MHz - 26.5 GHz

internal reference: 1 MHz - 26.5 GHz

external reference: 1 MHz - 8 GHz

w/ Phase Comparator & Cross-Correlation: 1 MHz - 26 GHz

Transient Measurement:

min. frequency offset: 10 MHz

max. frequency offset: 30 MHz

Residual Noise w/ Phase Comparator: 1 MHz - 8 GHz

AM Noise: 1 MHz - 8 GHz

Sensitivity with internal reference and internal phase detector:

Input level >+10 dBm, spurious and harmonics <–30 dBc, mode "averaged", +20 °C to +30 °C. LNA gain 40 dB, loop bandwidth =10 × frequency offset, max. 1 kHz. With the R&S Option B60 low phase noise Option B61 correlation extension option.

Notes / Included Options :

B4 - OCXO, low aging/improved phase noise at 10 Hz carrier offset

B18 - Removable Hard Disk

B23 - 20 dB Preamplifier, 3.6 GHz to 26.5 GHz

B25 - Electronic attenuator 0 to 30 dB and Preamplifier, 10 MHz - 3.6 GHz

B60 - Low Phase Noise Board, necessary for Cross-correlation

K7 - FM Demodulator