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FARO S350 Focus 3D Laser Scanners

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FARO Focus S 350 Laser Scanner with IP54
Condition : new

Include :
Focus S 350 Laser Scanner: with HDR Photography, GPS, Compass, Altimeter (Barometer), Dual-axis Compensator, WLAN, Accessory Bay, IP Rating 54, On-site Compensation Functionality
Battery Power Block
Battery Power Dock
90W Power Supply
Optic Cleaning Fluid
Optic Cleaning Tissues
32GB SD Card
SD Card Reader
SD Card Cover
Allen Wrench
Rugged Transport Case
calibration Certificate
Quick Start Guide

Features :
- Range FocusS 350: 0.6 – 350m
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo recording 2x/3x/5x
- Measurement speed: up to 976,000 points/second
- Ranging error: ± 1mm
- Sealed design - Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Class 54
- On-site compensation
- Acessory Bay
- Angular Accuracy: 19 arcsec for vertical/horizontal angles
- Integr. colour camera: Up to 165 mio. pixel
- Laser class: Laser class 1
- Weight: 4,2kg
- Multi-Sensor: GPS, Compass, Height Sensor, Dual Axis Compensator
- Size: 230 x 183 x 103mm
- Scanner control: via touchscreen display and WLAN

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