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Rohde Schwarz SMU200A Signal Source Analyzer

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Rohde Schwarz SMU200A Signal Generator 3Ghz

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month

Rohde Schwarz SMU200A Vector Signal Generator

100Khz- 3Ghz Output

30 day warranty with fresh Calibration

Hardware options:

SMU-B10 Base A with ARB (64Meg) and Digital Modulation

SMU-B13 Baseband Main Module

SMU-B103 100Khz-3Ghz output

Software Options:

SMU-K55 Digital Standard EUTRA/LTE

SMU-K44 GPS Digital Modulation

The R&S®SMU200A has been designed to meet all requirements encountered in research and development of modern communication systems as well as in their production. The R&S®SMU200A Vector Signal Generator not only combines up to two independent signal generators in one cabinet of only four height units, it also offers unrivalled RF and baseband. 

Outstanding signal quality

- I/Q modulator with 200 MHz RF bandwidth

- Very low SSB phase noise of typ. -135 dBc (f = 1 GHz, 20 kHz carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement     bandwidth), typ. -139 dBc with the enhanced phase noise performance option

- Wideband noise of typ. -153 dBc (CW, f = 1 GHz, >10 MHz carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)

- Excellent ACLR of typically +70 dB for 3GPP FDD

- Very high level repeatability of 0.05 dB

- High output power up to +19 dBm (PEP), overrange + 26 dBm

- High-stability reference oscillator as standard