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Trimble S6 3" Robotic Total Station kit, TSC2 2.4GHz

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Trimble S6 3" Robotic Total Station kit, TSC2 2.4GHz control unit 

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month

1. Trimble S6 3" DR300+ total station, service till 01/2018, PN: 58444001

2. Five (5) slot charger, PN: 57550-00

3. Battery Li-Ion, 5Ah, 11.1V, qty 2, PN: 79400

4. Trimble 360 Prism

5. Trimble total station case, PN: 58080010

6. Holder - 3 pack battery holder, PN: 59369-00

7. Case - Power and charging kit, carrying case, PN: 58382001

8. Trimble TSC2 control unit with 2.4GHz radiomodule built-in and Trimble Access and Roads field software, PN: TA-TSC2-2, English and Polish language version, you can switch wherever you need. Additional languages can be installed.

9. Trimble TSC2 charger, PN: 53708-00

10. Keys for total station case and mini case, qty 4

11. Service certificate, valid till 01/2018

For an extra charge, 360 prism can be changed to 360 with ID (MT1000 PN: MT1000), extra charge 850USD

Also for an extra charge, TSC2 can be changed to TSC3 2.4GHz with Trimble Access (PN: TSC3112-001)