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Faro Focus X330 Laser 3D Scanner

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Faro Focus X330 Laser 3D Laser Scanner
Condition : Used ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
include :
1 x Focus3D-X330, GPS, compass, altimeter (barometer), dual-axis compensator and WLAN,
1 x Power Block battery,
1 x Power Dock,
1 x 32GB SD card,
1 x SD card reader,
1 x SD card cover,
1 x Optical cleaning set,
1 x Quick charge power supply,
1 x Car power supply,
1 x Ruggedized protection and transport cover in aluminium,
1x  Panorama Quick Release,
1 x rugged transport case with wheels.

3D AC LS Starter Kit 3 Starter Kit III for FARO Laser Scanner.
Compatible with the FARO SuperSphere system.

5 x registration spheres 140mm with magnetic mounts,
5 x foldable stands,
20 x washers.

Starter Kit III comes in a rugged transport case.