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Used Riegl VZ-1000 3D Laser Scanner

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Riegl VZ-1000 3D Laser Scanner
Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Included in Sale :
- Riegl VZ-1000 3D Scanner
- Flight case
- Vehicle/rack mount (vehicle not included)
- 3 x Rack Mount Screws
- Black External Battery
- External Battery Charger
- Battery Power Supply Cable
- 12v Power Supply Cable 1m
- 8 x Scanner Targets - Cylinder
- Blanking Cap
- Cap to 3/8 thread
- Cap to Thread Mount

The V-Line 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-1000 provides high speed, non-contact data acquisition for ranges more than 1400 m using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast scanning mechanism. High-accuracy laser ranging is based upon RIEGL’s unique echo digitization and online waveform processing, which allows achieving superior measurement capability even under adverse atmospheric conditions and the evaluation of multiple target echoes. The line scanning mechanism is based upon a fast rotating multi-facet polygonal mirror, which provides fully linear, unidirectional and parallel scan lines.

The RIEGL VZ-1000 is a very compact and lightweight surveying instrument, mountable in any orientation and even under limited space conditions. It can also be mounted on a vehicle for stop and go scanning.

Main Features :
- Very long range more than 1400 m
- High speed data acquisition
- Wide field-of-view, controllable while scanning
- High-accuracy, high-precision ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform processing
- Multiple target capability
- Superior measurement capability in adverse atmospheric conditions
- High-precision mounting pads for optional digital camera
- Integrated inclination sensors, laser plummet, and compass
- Integrated GPS receiver with antenna
- Various interfaces (LAN, WLAN, USB 2.0)
- Internal data storage capability

Main Applications :
- Topography & Mining
- Archaeology & Cultural Heritage
- As-Built Surveying
- Monitoring