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Leica Rugby 50 Rotating Receiver

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Leica Rugby 50 Rotating Laser Level with Receiver 6003468

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month


Item Includes :

- Leica Rugby 50

- Rod-Eye Basic

- Grade Rod Clamp

- Alkaline Battery Holder

- 2 D Cell Alkaline Batteries

- Hard Carrying Case

- User Manual

- Manufacturer's 2 year warranty

Features :

- Simple, one- button operation

- High impact composite housing

- Fully sealed with enclosed head

- Watertight for all conditions

- Long battery life

- H.I. (Elevation) Alert protection

- Low battery indicator

- Optional alkaline or NiMH batteries

Specifications :

- Working Range: 300m (1000 ft) Diameter

- Self-leveling Accuracy: u00b12.6mm at 30m (u00b13/32” at 100 ft)

- Rotating Speeds: 10rps (600 rpm)

- Laser Diode: (type) 780nm (infrared)

- Weight with Batteries: 1.85kg (4.0 lbs)

- Operating Temperature: -20 to +50u00b0C (-4u00b0F to +122u00b0F)

- Storage Temperature: -40 to +70u00b0C (-40u00b0F to +158u00b0F)

- Dust / water: (IEC60529) IP55

Always automatic - Always self-leveling

The Leica Rugby 50 is designed to always turn on in automatic self-leveling mode. No concerns for setting up the laser incorrectly. Set up the Leica Rugby 50 within its wide leveling range, the instrument will automatically self-level and work can begin

H.I. (Elevation) Alert

The H.I. or Elevation Alert function monitors the leveling of the Leica Rugby 50. Any significant disturbance or movement of the tripod will cause the alert function to activate. The Leica Rugby 50 will stop operation and will sound an alarm to prevent possible errors.

Out of level indication

During normal operation, the Leica Rugby 50 continuously self-levels. Small vibrations and disturbances may cause an out of level condition. The head will stop momentarily and the emission LED will blink until the unit re-levels and work can resume.

Rod-Eye Basic Receiver :

Offering two accuracy settings, high/low audio output and a 300 meter (1000 ft) range, the Rod Eye Basic is a quality receiver that is ready to work for you.

- LCD Indication – Two clear displays on the front and back of the receiver

- Audio Indication – Two settings, high for noisy outdoor jobs and low for indoor applications

- Automatic Shutoff – After ten minutes to conserve battery life

- Grade Rod Bracket – With a circular level vial, attaches easily to your grade rod

- Level Vial – On the receiver ensures good alignment and improves your reading accuracy.

- Protective Overmold – Protects the receiver from drops in tough jobsite conditions.