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Topcon RL-VH3A ROTARY Laser Level

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Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month

RL-VH3G/A succeeds the high functionality of RL-VH2 and comes with a remote controller RC-30.

Versatile functions for all sites - indoor and outdoor.

- Rotary green laser

A green laser in 532nm wavelength region (green) assures a high relative luminous efficiency. (RL-VH3G)

A high visibility about 5 times that of a red laser will be powerful in indoor interior finishing work

and outdoor civil engineering works.

- Remote Controller RC-30 as a standard accessory.

The remote controller that was popular with the first-generation RL-VH is equipped as a standard accessory. The operating range is 100m, assuring a high-efficiency operation mode of operating only through the remote controller after installing the machine.

The remote controller emits an infrared ray as in remote operation of TV sets and the laser main unit detects the laser beam even though the remote controller is not directed toward the machine. Suitable for use in all types of sites.

- Power of the laser main unit can be turned on and off

- Manual focusing of laser beam

- Selection between STOP and SCAN.

- Revolution speed change

- Auto leveling up

Auto leveling up is performed at a high speed even when the laser main unit is tilted (±5Ô). No leveling up is necessary.

- Auto tilt setting function

Using the line control photo detection panel, any tilt can be set easily.

- RainWater tightness 

JIS protection class IPX6 (waterproof type)

- Auto alignment function

Applying a laser beam onto the line control photo detection panel will automatically start line setting. Vertical marking lines can be set easily.

- Vertical laser beam radiation

Laser beams are emitted from both top and bottom of the laser main unit to enable easy perpendicularity determination. 

Using the photo detection panel, the scanning width can be changed up to 180°.

- Plumb bob mode

The position for installing the laser main unit can be decided by merely pressing the Plumb Bob Mode key. (During horizontal and vertical revolutions)

- Auto focus function

Applying a beam onto a dedicated target will automatically start scanning by a laser beam. The laser beam will be focused automatically on the desired location. Inking and verticality determination can be performed accurately and easily by one operator.

- Scanning

High visibility by high-speed horizontal moving on the same line.

Finds a reflection plate and scans automatically.

- Three power supply sources. Battery operation duration doubled

Three power sources can be used (dry batteries, rechargeable batteries and AC/DC converter [RUN Charge]).

The rechargeable battery has been changed from a nickel cadmium battery to an environmentally friendly nickel-metal hydride battery with a high energy density.

The battery can power the laser about twice longer (compared with a former TOPCON model).

- Operation panel easy to see and easy to use

The basic operation functions are grouped on the right of the panel. Applied functions such as gradient setting are grouped on the left.

The buttons are coded into four colors. Illustrations and LED displays assure operations that are easy to understand and operate.