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Prodim Proliner 8 3D Digital Templating

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Prodim Proliner 8 3D Digital Templating
Condition : Used and 100% ready to work
Manufactured 2012
Come with warranty 12 month
UNFOLD for flattening 3D objects
COUNTERTOP for the manufacture of countertops: measurements, finish, inset panels, and dimension, auto PDF report for CNC-operator
SURVEY Proliner opposite principle, imports DXF file and viaducts in the measured.

Package Includes:
1x Proliner 8-CS 3D Digital Templating System
1x Pointer
2x types of scanner (long/short)
2x batteries
1x Battery charger
1x Remote control
1x User guide & interactive CD
1x Bag
1x Tripod
1x Hard carrying case